Culture Connect terms and conditions.


Cancellations for half day and one day tours:
Outside 24 hours before departure full refund is given.
Less than 24 hours prior to departure a 100% cancellation fee will apply.

Cancellations for multi day tours (2 days and over), fly tours and private charters.
Outside 72 hours prior to departure a full refund is given
Cancellation inside 72 – 24 hours prior to departure will incur a 50% cancellation fee.
Less than 24 hours prior to departure a 100% cancellation fee will apply.

We strongly recommend appropriate travel insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances occurring.
All tours booked with an agent may result in an additional fee. You will be advised to contact your booking agent if you need to cancel your tour.
All multi day tours, fly tours and private charters must be reconfirmed 48 hrs prior to travel by calling 1300 794 175.
Booking payment for all tours and private charters.
Full amount required if booked within 45 days.
A deposit of 20% of total tour price is required if booked outside 45 days of departure with remainder due 45 days prior to departure date.
All credit card bookings incur a 1.5% merchant fee.

Tour Conditions:
Due to seasonal and cultural circumstances some areas and activities may be inaccessible therefore itineraries may differ without notice. A suitable alternative will be offered.
Refunds will not apply for delays, curtailment or alteration of a tour resulting from any cause, including mechanical failure, cultural commitments from Traditional owners or severe weather conditions.
Travel insurance is strongly recommended to cover any unforeseen circumstances – be they caused by road and weather conditions, mechanical failure, delays or other reasons.
Culture Connect accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage to personal articles including luggage.
Culture Connect cannot be held responsible for any personal injury to clients due to action beyond their control.
Culture Connect cannot guarantee our pick up and drop of times and are not responsible for costs resulting in passengers failing to connect with other services.
Due to the nature of our tours children under 4 years or not recommended on tours. Our private charters can accommodate children under 4 with prior arrangement.
Smoking and drinking alcohol is prohibited inside a tour vehicle under Australian Government regulation.
Drinking of alcohol is permitted however the Traditional Owners and guide have the right to limit the amount consumed.
Under no circumstance will illegal drugs be allowed on the vehicle. The guide has the right to remove and terminate the tour for any persons found with illegal substances. This will result in no refunds and they will be responsible for their own travel costs at that point.
Culture Connect will endeavor to create an enjoyable environment for all our passengers .
Therefore we will reserve the right to remove any persons who threaten the safety of the guide, or fellow passengers either physically or verbally including disrespecting the wishes of the Traditional Owners of the land we travel. This will result in no refunds and they will be responsible for their own travel costs at that point.
Culture Connect reserves the right to cancel a tour or arrange an alternative operator if group numbers are insufficient.

Special Dietary Requirements
For any specific dietary requirements please indicate when booking online or inform our reservation staff at the time of booking so alternatives can be discussed. All dietary requirements are to be declared at the time of booking. Culture Connect will not be held responsible for the catering/food supply for any individual where a dietary condition is undeclared.

Medical Conditions
To ensure your tour with us is enjoyable and without incident, medical conditions are to be made known to our Reservations staff at time of booking. Due to remote areas on country, we can be be many hours away from medical facilities. We reserve the right to seek a Medical Clearance before travelling with us. You are encouraged to carry enough medication required for the duration of your tour. Cold storage is available where required.

Booking and Payment
Bookings can be done via our website or by phoning 1300 794 175 (within Australia) or +61 7 4032 1794 4324 (outside Australia) . Bookings can also be done through most Travel Agents, Hostels and Hotels. Full payment will be required at the time
of booking.
Credit card details are required for Internet and Phone bookings. Credit Card payments incur a Merchant Levy and are subject to change without notice. MasterCard & Visa 1.5%. A Travel Agent may take a deposit or the full amount depending on their relationship with Culture Connect. If a deposit is taken we will require credit card details to secure your booking and charge the outstanding amount.

Pick-up times
Pickup times are approximate due to traffic / weather conditions. Please be waiting outside your accommodation 5 minutes prior to your pickup time and allow a 15 minute window for departure from your pickup time.

Luggage (Multi day tours)
Each passenger is entitled to take one bag (preferable soft sided) – 80cm x 30cm x 30cm weighing less than 10kg. You may also have a small day bag or pack weighing no more than 4kg. Baggage over the prescribed limit cannot be carried without prior arrangement.

Culture Connect and its employees accept no responsibility for any booking, contract, travel, accommodation or group tours which result in any loss, damage, accident, diversion, or theft in regard to luggage or personal belongings, and will be exempt from all liability in respect of direct or indirect consequential loss or damage, death, injury, sickness, irregularity, delay liability, and additional expenses, or inconvenience or any other event beyond its control including accident, failure of machinery or equipment, accommodation, transport, or other services. We also reserve the right to change, cancel, use alternative vehicles or alter the tour route or itineraries without prior notice due to cultural circumstances, weather, road conditions or operational needs. We do so with full consideration of your safety; no refund will be given in these circumstances or in the event of any delay.

COVID-19 safety

Pre-screening and Contact Tracing

We are using technology to minimise the risk of exposure, and as such we will send our guests (via text message or email) a link to complete the pre-screening wellness questionnaire and contact tracing information required on the day of travel.
We are doing this to prevent potentially infected or unwell guests from travelling on the day, and we also undertake daily pre-shift screening for our staff too – we don’t want them to come to work if they are unwell, so we have a good system to look after our guests and our team.
We do not undertake pre-tour temperature checks rather we rely on the information provided in the completed pre-screening wellness questionnaire of our guests.

Symptoms: if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, you will be refused entry and advised to seek medical advice .Contact our reservations team or your agent to reschedule your activity.
The contact details our guests provide us with assist the relevant government departments if contact tracing is required.
This information is only retained for the duration and purpose for us to comply with regulations, nothing else.

Recording contact information

Before travel, agents and/or passengers must provide passengers phone number, email and postcode.
Passengers will also be asked whether within the last 14 days they have travelled in any COVID-19 declared hotspots, been in contact with any COVID-19 cases or have any COVID-19 symptoms.
If we do not have this information prior to travel, passengers will be refused entry.
These records are used only for the purposes of tracing COVID-19 and are stored securely.

Social Distancing in line with government health guidelines

Due to the nature of COVID-19 and how the virus spreads through close contact with an infected person or touching a contaminated surface, the most effective way to slow transmission of the virus is through physical distancing and hygiene practices.
We continue to alter our business practices to ensure social distancing, whether in our vehicles, at our attractions and even for our staff working in our office, are in line with government health guidelines.
We’re sorry that we can’t shake our guests’ hand too – we would love to and it is certainly in our hospitable nature to do so, but we can’t risk it in these COVID times.
We ALL need to be safe.

Social Distancing within the vehicles

COVID-Safe restrictions for seating within vehicles have eased and therefore social distancing while seated inside our vehicles is not required.
Although COVID restrictions have eased for passenger seating, we will ensure to not allow passengers to sit immediately beside each other unless travelling together.
In accordance with current government guidelines we are permitted to carry passengers in our vehicles which all have forward facing seats.
If guests have any questions or concerns about social distancing on our vehicles whilst out on tour, we suggest contacting our Reservations team to ask for an indication as to how many people will also be traveling on the vehicle on the selected day of travel.
Our guides will talk to guests on board regarding additional measures.

Enhanced cleaning and hygiene practices

As you would expect we have significantly enhanced our cleaning and hygiene practices to reduce the risk of infection.
Extra cleaning measures have been implemented for our guides to undertake throughout the day including sanitising the high-touch areas of the vehicle (such as hand rails, door entry) every time the vehicle is empty.
We request guests use our no-touch sanitiser every time they board the vehicle, and the most important thing guest can do to protect themselves and others out on tour, is to wash hands regularly with soap and water, or by rubbing sanitiser onto your hands.
We make special mention that everyone on tour please also follow good respiratory etiquette – when coughing and sneezing cover your mouth and nose with flexed elbow or a tissue.
We have tissues, antibacterial wipes and gloves on board all of our vehicles and masks are available should a guest wish to use one.
Paperless check-in: passengers will be picked up from their accommodation at the scheduled time.
Cashless payments: all bookings must be paid in full prior to travel. Passengers will not be able to pay with cash at any stage throughout the tour.

Flexible Travel
To ensure you can book with confidence, we have introduced further flexibility. We want to reassure you that every member of our team is committed to looking after your wellbeing when you travel.
Customers can cancel their half or day tour up to 24 hours prior to tour departure for full refund.
Customers can cancel their multi day (2 days or more),fly tours and private charters up 72 hours prior to tour departure for full refund.
In the event, that you need to cancel due to medical reasons (feeling unwell) or if the Government changes travel restrictions, you will be able to cancel within the 24 hours for half and one day tours and 72 hours for multi-day, fly tours and private charters.
We have also waived rebooking fees for any booking alterations.
In the instance that your preferred date of travel is cancelled by us, we will rebook you on the next suitable departure date or a full refund will be offered.
For more information on booking changes and other options email or call our reservations team.
It’s important that we recognise and thank our guests for playing their part in looking after each other, fellow guests on tour and our team as we all get through these challenging times together…