Travel Alerts

Updated: 16 April , 2021

Working with requirements of COVID Safe Industry Plan

Culture Connect is committed to protecting health and safety and following Government guidelines in providing what services we can, safely.
We are operating within the Queensland Tourism and Accommodation Industry approved COVID-Safe Plan that stipulates all of the mandatory requirements for our “new normal”.
This is constantly updated so we are always working with the most recent and relevant health advice from State and Federal government relative to COVID-19.
This includes establishing specific COVID-19 controls, such as safe work procedures and regularly updated information for our staff and our guests travelling on tour with us.
All staff have completed COVID-Safe training to keep themselves and you safe..

Culture Connect Tour Update

Many of our tours are currently not available as many of our partners are still closed due to COVID restrictions.

We are pleased to offer the following tours;

Half Day Rock Art Experience – Currently Operating
Full Day 4WD Rock Art and Ranger Tour – Currently Operating
Full Day Fly Aboriginal Rock Art & Ranger – Currently Operating
2 Day Daintree Art and Survival – May 2021
2 Day Cooktown Rock Art and Rainforest – May 2021

Private Touring Available

Our Charter Team is available for private touring enquiries.
All private charter enquiries are subject to availability and must comply with government regulations currently in place.
Our team has implemented a number of strict new policies and procedures to align with regulations.
For more information, please submit an enquiry here.

Pre-screening and Contact Tracing

We are using technology to minimise the risk of exposure, and as such we will send our guests (via text message or email) a link to complete the pre-screening wellness questionnaire and contact tracing information required on the day of travel.
We are doing this to prevent potentially infected or unwell guests from travelling on the day, and we also undertake daily pre-shift screening for our staff too – we don’t want them to come to work if they are unwell, so we have a good system to look after our guests and our team.
We do not undertake pre-tour temperature checks rather we rely on the information provided in the completed pre-screening wellness questionnaire of our guests.

Symptoms: if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, you will be refused entry and advised to seek medical advice .
Contact our reservations team or your agent to reschedule your activity.
The contact details our guests provide us with assist the relevant government departments if contact tracing is required.
This information is only retained for the duration and purpose for us to comply with regulations, nothing else.

Recording contact information

Before travel, agents and/or passengers must provide passengers phone number, email and postcode.
Passengers will also be asked whether within the last 14 days they have travelled in any COVID-19 declared hotspots, been in contact with any COVID-19 cases or have any COVID-19 symptoms.
If we do not have this information prior to travel, passengers will be refused entry.
These records are used only for the purposes of tracing COVID-19 and are stored securely.

Social Distancing in line with government health guidelines

Due to the nature of COVID-19 and how the virus spreads through close contact with an infected person or touching a contaminated surface, the most effective way to slow transmission of the virus is through physical distancing and hygiene practices.
We continue to alter our business practices to ensure social distancing, whether in our vehicles, at our attractions and even for our staff working in our office, are in line with government health guidelines.
We’re sorry that we can’t shake our guests’ hand too – we would love to and it is certainly in our hospitable nature to do so, but we can’t risk it in these COVID times.
We ALL need to be safe.

Social Distancing within the vehicles

COVID-Safe restrictions for seating within vehicles have eased and therefore social distancing while seated inside our vehicles is not required.
Although COVID restrictions have eased for passenger seating, we will ensure to not allow passengers to sit immediately beside each other.
In accordance with current government guidelines we are permitted to carry passengers in our vehicles which all have forward facing seats.
If guests have any questions or concerns about social distancing on our vehicles whilst out on tour, we suggest contacting our Reservations team to ask for an indication as to how many people will also be traveling on the vehicle on the selected day of travel.
Our guides will talk to guests on board regarding additional measures.

Enhanced cleaning and hygiene practices

As you would expect we have significantly enhanced our cleaning and hygiene practices to reduce the risk of infection.
Extra cleaning measures have been implemented for our guides to undertake throughout the day including sanitising the high-touch areas of the vehicle (such as hand rails, door entry) every time the vehicle is empty.
We request guests use our no-touch sanitiser every time they board the vehicle, and the most important thing guest can do to protect themselves and others out on tour, is to wash hands regularly with soap and water, or by rubbing sanitiser onto your hands.
We make special mention that everyone on tour please also follow good respiratory etiquette – when coughing and sneezing cover your mouth and nose with flexed elbow or a tissue.
We have tissues, antibacterial wipes and gloves on board all of our vehicles and masks are available should a guest wish to use one.
Paperless check-in: passengers will be picked up from their accommodation at the scheduled time.
Cashless payments: all bookings must be paid in full prior to travel. Passengers will not be able to pay with cash at any stage throughout the tour.

Flexible Travel

To ensure you can book with confidence, we are introducing further flexibility. We want to reassure you that every member of our team is committed to looking after your wellbeing when you travel.
Customers can cancel their trip up to 18 hours prior to tour departure.
In the event, that you need to cancel due to medical reasons (feeling unwell) or if the Government changes travel restrictions, you will be able to cancel within the 18-hour period.
We have also waived rebooking fees for any booking alterations.
In the instance that your preferred date of travel is cancelled by us, we will rebook you on the next suitable date we are departing or a full refund will be offered.
For more information on booking changes and other options email or call our reservations team.
It’s important that we recognise and thank our guests for playing their part in looking after each other, fellow guests on tour and our team as we all get through these challenging times together…

We know there are many unknowns during these difficult and challenging times, we can assure you that we are monitoring the situation closely, following government updates and we will continue to communicate with you.

Take care, stay well and stay safe.