Cooktown Aboriginal Tours

Culture Connect offers a range of set departure Tours and bespoke or suggested Charters that operate from, or visit Cooktown and the surrounding areas. Our Cooktown aboriginal tours are genuine cultural experiences connecting you with Aboriginal people.

In particular with special permission from traditional owners at Normanby Station, we are able to grant you a unique experience with traditional owners of the Balnggarrawarra people. Visit the homelands and ancient rock art with unique insight of the Balnggarrawarra people.

A Brief History


Located at the southeastern edge of Cape York Peninsula, Cooktown has a  population of around 2000 people.

Cooktown is a beautiful, unspoilt coastal town, and one of Australia’s most historically significant townships.

History for this region goes back for many of thousands of years,  Waymbuurr was the place the local Guugu Yimithirr and Kuku Yalanji people used as a meeting ground.

In more recent history it was here that on 17 June 1770, Lieutenant (later Captain) Cook beached the Endeavour, which had earlier struck a reef offshore from Cape Tribulation. Cook’s crew spent 48 days here repairing the damage, making Cooktown Australia’s first non-Indigenous settlement.

Cooktown aboriginal tours viewing rockart

Half & Full day tours from Cooktown

Cooktown Aboriginal Tours

4WD Aboriginal Rock Art and Ranger Day Tour

Take a guided interpretive walk to discover rarely seen rock art.
Tues, Thur
April to November
Local indigenous guide at Normanby Station Cape York

Half Day Aboriginal Rock Art Experience

Explore rarely seen rock art galleries with Aboriginal traditional owners at Normanby Station.
Mon, Wed, Fri

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Cooktown Aboriginal Tours

Normanby Station Art-site Experience

Departing & Return from Port Douglas - Cairns

Tours Visiting Cooktown

bull riding at rodeo
Special Event

4 Day 4WD Bama, Bulls and Broncs

This 4 Day Special Event is a truly unique and genuine cultural experience. It highlights the diversity of the Bama
(TBA) 2020
6 Max.
a sailing boat framed by palm trees at the Golden Hour Cooktown

3 Day 4WD Bama Dreamtime

This 3 day cultural journey is a truly unique and genuine Indigenous experience.It highlights the diversity of the Bama (Aboriginal
12 Max.
March to October
viewing maratime history in cooktown

2 Day Cooktown Rainforest and Rock Art Charter

Discover the Daintree rainforest with the Kuku Yalanji people. Explore rarely seen rock art galleries at Normanby Station with Balnggarrawarra
14 Max.
March to October
two men dancing in the dirt
Special Event

4 Day Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival and Highlights

Discover traditional culture at the Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival whilst exploring the iconic Daintree Rainforest and historic coastal hamlet of
(TBA) 2020
10 Max.

“Culture Connect is about connecting people with Aboriginal culture.”

Our aim is to take people on a journey, not only physically but also spiritually. We hope the landscape comes alive in their mind and they can understand and feel the story. With each experience our guests gain a wealth of knowledge about Aboriginal heritage, culture, traditions and beliefs from the Traditional Owners.

We believe that the future for Aboriginal people to be empowered is to support business ventures on homelands. We recognize that Tourism and Education is a way to keep traditional and contemporary cultural practices alive.

Culture Connect offers people unique Aboriginal cultural experiences in Cooktown.