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Aboriginal Experiences, across Australia

One of the best ways to gain a true understanding of Aboriginal culture is to experience a cultural festival.
Aboriginal communities proudly showcase traditional and contemporary cultural practices at various events throughout Australia.
Our special event tours allows you to experience genuine Aboriginal cultural events whilst talking in the iconic sites that the region has to offer.
The tours are accommodated so even in the most remote areas you can enjoy the days festivities then wash off the dust and sleep in a comfortable bed. Experienced cultural guides will give you an informative experience to gain a true insight into the local culture of the region.
We work closely with event organisers to ensure your cultural experience will be truly unforgettable.


North Queensland, SOLD OUT

Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival is the celebration of Aboriginal culture in Cape York. The Festival is a biennial event celebrating & showcasing the culture of the Aboriginal people of Cape York Peninsula through song, dance ceremony and performance.

Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival

The performance and practice of Aboriginal dance & culture at the Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival is a very important element in the preservation & continuance of the unique culture of the region.
The Dance Festival Ground at Laura is the site of a very old traditional Bora ground and is a respected and sacred site to Aboriginal people. It is nestled amongst some of the oldest and most spectator rock art in the world. Recently the rock art of the area was awarded Queensland Icon status by the National Trust in recognition of its significance to the environmental and cultural landscape.

Known as a meeting ground for the communities of Cape York, the Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival is highly regarded by many Aboriginal people as a place where families meet new and old family members, make new acquaintances and exchange and pass on family histories. In addition, many descendants of Aboriginal people whose people were removed from the area return every festival to learn of their culture and of their ancestry. Consequently the Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival is seen as a very important event in cultural retention. The Festival enables the wider community to witness and gain insight into the uniqueness of Aboriginal culture. Festival spectators witness the story telling of Aboriginal culture through dance,language and art.

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Top End, Northern Territory 2023 TBA

Barunga Festival is held annually on the Queen’s birthday long weekend.
Now in it’s 33rd year, Barunga Festival is one of the most important and longest-running community festivals in regional Australia.

Barunga Festival

The Barunga Festival is an iconic event on the national festival calendar with a long and proud tradition of celebrating the best of remote Indigenous Australia. This much-loved Territory festival attracts an audience of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people from all over the world who descend upon the small remote community to camp and take part in a program of music, sport, traditional arts and cultural activities , welcomed by the traditional owners.

The Festival has a strong history of showcasing the Katherine region and supporting remote indigenous communities to come together and celebrate the positive aspects of community life through football, basketball, softball, music (contemporary and traditional), traditional arts and culture. Visitors of all ages are encouraged to join in the festivities and enjoy this unique opportunity to engage with a remote Indigenous community. In 2018, this much-loved Territory event promises to deliver an incredible program of music, sport, culture, art, dance, circus, kids activities, workshops, healthy food and many more festive treats.

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